Storms on Saturn

November 27th, 2011 § 0 comments

Saturn during Equinox - NASA Cassinni Orbiter

Saturn during Equinox

Symbolically, Saturn is about structure, authority, and the organization of our world. It’s the rule-maker, or task-master in astrology, sober and stern.

The Vulture Goddess Nekhbet is associated with this planet, so you can imagine it’s kind of heavy.

#21 The World from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

The World

In Tarot, Saturn is represented by #21, the World. At first glance, it might seem odd that this dancing girl is connected to such a serious planet.

But with another look, the wreath around her might remind us of the rings of Saturn, as well as the boundaries it’s so famous for enforcing.

And as might have been deduced by the Vulture Goddess reference, Saturn is symbolically connected to death, and to the changing of the old guard.

In mythology, Saturn overthrew his father Uranus, while his son Zeus (or Jupiter) overthrew him.

The World card in Tarot identifies the end of a long cycle as well, and the revolution into something brand new. It’s the card that ends the Major Arcana, and prepares us to become Fools once again.

Storms on Saturn 2011 - NASA Cassini Orbiter

storms on Saturn

I got to thinking about Saturn after reading reports about the massive storms that have been raging there for over 200 days, well beyond the previous record of 150 days back in 1903.

They’re gigantic storms – eight times the surface area of the Earth. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has caught pictures of them, and from far away they’re beautiful.

But what I’m interested in is the metaphor of storms on Saturn, and what it might mean to the energies associated with that planet here on Earth.


If Saturn represents authority, stability, and structure, storms there might suggest disruption in all those areas.

And looking at the world these days, it kind of makes sense.

Since the storms began there’s been the Arab spring, rioting in Europe, mass demonstrations in Wisconsin, and the birth of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Rupert Murdoch and News International was shaken up, Wikileaks and Anonymous broke through cyber blockades, and faith in the nuclear industry was shattered with the devastation at Fukushima.

Not to mention Osama Bin Laden, Muammar Gaddafi, and Steve Jobs, have all passed. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was scrapped, female first-borns can now inherit the crown in Great Britain, and neutrinos might travel faster than the speed of light.

What once seemed like really solid structures are collapsing. It’s kind of like the storms on Saturn are identifying the chaos we’re experiencing in our Saturn energies here on Earth. Space weather synchronicity.

If there is any connection, even metaphorically, I hope the storms calm down soon.

Change is obviously in the air, and on many fronts I support it. But transitioning to new structures is hard for everyone. Saturn doesn’t like to be messed with.

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