Clear Away The Fear – a tarot spread

July 13th, 2012 § 2 comments

Carl JK and the Wheel of Fortune

Disturbed by fear-inducing superstitions surrounding things like Friday the 13th, black cats, broken mirrors, and the like, my very own black cat, Carl JK, suggested I share the following Clear Away The Fear Tarot spread.

Sometimes the things we’re afraid of are well worth being concerned about. Often though, we create fear from nothing.

The Clear Away The Fear spread is meant to explore areas in our life where false fears or superstitions might be holding us back from enjoying ourselves as fully as we can.

So take this Friday the 13th to try it out. Clear away your own fears, or at least look at them closely enough to make sure they’re worth your time.

Oh yes, and fear not the black cat. He brings good fortune.

Clear Away the Fear Tarot Spread

1. In what area of my life am I harboring superstitions or what might be irrational fears?

2. What about these fears have legitimacy?

3. What about these fears are creating a false state of panic?

4. What can I do to confront and deal with my legitimate concerns?

5. How might I replace the false fears with courage and positive action?

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