Mercury In Retrograde – the Magician Slowed Way Down

July 14th, 2012 § 0 comments

#1 The Magician from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot - in retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde today and will be that way until August 7th.

From a Tarot perspective, it’s sort of like the Magician is running backwards, or at least he’s been considerably slowed down from his usual high-speed pace forward.

The Magician is a first rate communicator. His messages are typically clear, timely, and right on point.

And as a representative of communication in general, he’s also known for keeping information technology on-line, and travel and transport running smoothly.

But when he’s in retrograde, or going much, much slower than usual, the Magician’s usually perfectly delivered messages can get out of whack.

They can be ill-timed, murky, and address everything except the point at hand. Travel can also get kooky. And it’s wise to back up your digital files just in case …

But it’s really not all bad.

A slow-moving Magician gives us a chance to really dig into the details, and maybe even fix things that have been neglected till now because there just hasn’t been the time.

And if you’ve been forced to take the ‘scenic’ route on your way somewhere, try not to fret.

Wherever you find yourself, look around. There’s likely something on that path you really want to see that you would have missed had you taken your intended route.

Mercury in retrograde, or the Magician slowed way, way down, isn’t the same as the Magician reversed. He’s not on his head. He’s just looking back and taking his time with things.

This isn’t the best time to start fresh, or jump on new ideas, but it’s perfect for reading the fine print or figuring out why your account reconciliation isn’t balancing.

And if there are people or places you haven’t seen in a while, this is an ideal time to visit, call, or send a quick email. You might be surprised at how important a visit back can be to your future.

Expect delays and even some backtracking. And don’t be surprised if people say some unusual things. Know though that in the end it’s all good.

This is an opportunity to get things straight and organized, not a hindrance to what you want to do next.

When the Magician finally does start speeding up again on August 7th, you’ll be back in the fast lane, and stronger for the detour.

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