Mid-Summer Tarot Check-Up

August 4th, 2012 § 0 comments

Summer by Billy Frank Alexander Design

It’s a mid-summer long-weekend here in Toronto, and in honour of the holiday I thought I’d share a mid-summer Tarot spread.

It’s meant to tap into the energy of summer and be a keep-the-heat-on mid-season check-up for any project or situation you’ve been focusing on these last few months …

Mid-Summer Tarot Check-Up

1. What has been the focus of my summer to date?

2. What mid-point have I reached regarding this focus, project, or situation?

3. What adjustments in my focus might be recommended considering the progress I’ve made so far this summer?

4. How can I keep-the-heat-on in gaining clarity, and/or achieving resolution?

5. What can I let shine right now?

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