A Virtual Postcard Arcana – the Suit of Wands

March 15th, 2014 § 0 comments

In January I posted a Virtual Postcard Arcana Majors-only deck that I put together using images from CardCow.com. In February, I posted a set of Court Cards for that virtual deck.

Today we have the pip cards for the Suit of Wands …

Ace of Wands
Thlinget Tribe Sun And Raven Pole Vintage Postcard

2 of Wands
Man in suit holds two identical umbrellas near an umbrella stand Vintage Post Card

3 of Wands
Rare Ad: Fortuna Broom Company Vintage Post Card

4 of Wands
The Half Moon Postcard

5 of Wands
Drawing of Stick Men Holding Hands Vintage Post Card

6 of Wands
Gun Crew In Victory Formation Postcard

7 of Wands
John F. Kennedy Space Center N. A. S. A Postcard

8 of Wands
Float - Colors Postcard

9 of Wands
Angry Cat with Injury and Bandage Vintage Postcard

10 of Wands
Carrying Bananas to the Market Old Postcard

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