Learning Lenormand with Donnaleigh

July 10th, 2014 § 0 comments

For those Tarot readers out there interested in learning to read with a Lenormand deck, Donnaleigh de LaRose has been posting some great new tutorials.

The one below focuses on seeing Lenormand cards as pictographs, each with a specific definition, similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs or Chinese logograms.

Reading these cards is different from reading Tarot cards. In Tarot, it matters what’s in the actual image on the card. In Lenormand, not so much (if at all).

For instance, if you get the dog card, it only really matters that it’s a dog, not whether the dog in the image is pictured out in the yard, or sitting on a pillow. A dog is a dog. Where he sits in the spread is important, not how he looks.

For a much better explanation, watch what Donnaleigh has to say about it …

And for more excellent Tarot and Lenormand tutorials and reviews, visit Donnaleigh’s Beyond Worlds Youtube channel.

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