How To Become A Better Person

February 6th, 2015 § 0 comments

In The School of Life video below called How To Become A Better Person, ten virtues are identified as being particularly important.

They make a lot of sense to me. If we actively tried to develop these qualities, not only would we likely be better individuals, the world in general would likely be a happier place.

I’ve listed the ten virtues below, and teamed each up with a Tarot card I think represents a similar concept. Take a look at the video, and my list to see what you think.

And if you think there’s a different Tarot card that’s more appropriate to the idea being described than the one I chose, I’d love to hear what you have to say!

1. Resilience – 7 of Wands
2. Compassion – #3 The Empress
3. Patience – 8 of Pentacles
4. Sacrifice – #12 The Hanged Man
5. Politeness – 6 of Cups
6. Humour – #0 The Fool
7. Self-awareness – 2 of Swords (see my post from Wednesday)
8. Forgiveness – 4 of Swords
9. Hope – #17 The Star
10. Confidence – Queen of Wands

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