A Reading for President Lincoln …

July 9th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

Tom Benjamin has been doing some video readings for literary and historical figures.

He’s posted two that I’ve seen so far, one for Hamlet and the one posted below for President Lincoln.

I think they’re great. They’re fun, insightful, and a fantastic way to get to know how to read cards.

Benjamin credits James Riclef and his book Tarot Reading Explained for the technique. It’s a good one.

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"I Will Help You"

December 7th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

As a professional Tarot reader, I found this video interesting. It shows how some clients are willing to put up with quite a lot to get a $5 Tarot reading. In this case ….

1) Confusion as to whether or not the establishment was open, ie. sandwich board out, but neon sign off – brought up questions of false advertising, but didn’t scare them away.

2) Promises to remove ‘bad luck curses’ 100% guaranteed – made them laugh, but didn’t scare them away.

3) Pointed-eared, demon-like oracle pictured on sign – disturbed them a little, but didn’t scare them away.

4) Extraordinarily long wait before answering machine picked up – gave them time to shoot the video, and didn’t scare them away. In fact she left her number.

These ladies were determined to get a Tarot reading. Good on them. It’s great to see people who really want to learn from the cards.

But if it were me, the moment I saw that demon-eared oracle, I’d have been out of there fast.

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