"I Will Help You"

December 7th, 2010 § 0 comments

As a professional Tarot reader, I found this video interesting. It shows how some clients are willing to put up with quite a lot to get a $5 Tarot reading. In this case ….

1) Confusion as to whether or not the establishment was open, ie. sandwich board out, but neon sign off – brought up questions of false advertising, but didn’t scare them away.

2) Promises to remove ‘bad luck curses’ 100% guaranteed – made them laugh, but didn’t scare them away.

3) Pointed-eared, demon-like oracle pictured on sign – disturbed them a little, but didn’t scare them away.

4) Extraordinarily long wait before answering machine picked up – gave them time to shoot the video, and didn’t scare them away. In fact she left her number.

These ladies were determined to get a Tarot reading. Good on them. It’s great to see people who really want to learn from the cards.

But if it were me, the moment I saw that demon-eared oracle, I’d have been out of there fast.

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