Mercury in Cancer – Magician in the Charioteer’s Clothing

Magician dressed as the Charioteer, Mercury in Cancer

Magician as Charioteer

If we translate this transit into the Tarot, it would be like the Magician is wearing the clothes of the Charioteer. He’s hit the road in some pretty snazzy armour.

The Magician is really good at getting things started. He’s a man of ideas and focused attention.

His inspirational thinking can move one to greatness, and his ability to manifest his will is unparalleled.

The Magician communicates with brilliance and can spin your head with how fast he can talk. He can convince you of anything, whether he believes it or not.

The Chariot can move pretty fast itself. And it moves with determination, like one’s will in motion.

The Charioteer is a strategist and a warrior. With careful planning, he’s willing to take on any battle, confident that few others have his ability to fight to the end.

Perseverance is one of his strong points, and he has the capacity to help others find their own power to keep going.

The Magician is okay in this position. He’s comfortable on the road, and can hold a sceptre as easily as a wand.

Mercury in Cancer, or the Magician wearing the Charioteer’s clothing, is an excellent time to turn your ideas into action.

Inspiration abounds, as does the strength to follow through on your commitments.

Don’t give up if the going gets tough, or communication gets murky. Just recalibrate and try again.

Clearly let others know what it is you need from them, but don’t wait around if they can’t help you.

A determined focus and the intention to move forward will get you to where you need to go.

Charge forward with faith in victory. Success is calling.

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