Mercury in Pisces – Magician in the Moon’s Clothing

Mercury in Pisces, the Magician Dressed in the Moon's Clothing

Magician as the Moon

From a Tarot perspective, this transit would be like the Magician is wearing the Moon’s clothing. He’s all but disappeared except for his face.

The Magician is a man of action. He’s fast, agile, and moves easily from one place to the next.

Like quicksilver, he can morph at will, becoming almost anything he determines himself to be. It’s all about focus and intent with him.

And the Magician can convince us of anything too, so it’s best to keep sharp when he’s around. He’s just as charming, whether he’s being good or bad.

The Moon is more mysterious, less about words then feelings, and much much darker.

A deep femininity is at play here, emotionally rich, psychically attuned, and reflective of the world around it.

The Moon can make the most familiar landscapes seem strange, and fill the unknown with both fascination and fear.

This isn’t the most comfortable position for the Magician to be, he’s not used to being so quiet. But he’s always up for a little mystery, and the Moon offers plenty of that.

Mercury in Pisces, or the Magician in the Moon’s clothing is a time when it’s possible for the unexplainable to be explained, or at least demonstrated more consciously than usual.

Use this time to connect with your unconscious, or those areas in your life you keep most hidden from even yourself. Then journal about it, blog, or talk with people you trust.

Dreams are likely to be a rich source of inspiration, and psychic communication enhanced.

Be wary though of silver-tongued story-tellers trying to convince you to buy something in the dark. It’s best to wait till day, and to look over the goods in the light.

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