Moon in Taurus – High Priestess in the Hierophant’s Clothing

The High Priestess dressed as the Hierophant

High Priestess in Hierophant’s Clothes

If you look at this transit through the eyes of the Tarot, it would be like the High Priestess is dressed as the Hierophant. She’s sitting before two acolytes and sharing the secrets she usually guards.

The High Priestess is understanding, receptive clarity, and quiet, yet profound, spiritual conviction.

She is the holy feminine, the virginal priestess. She willingly submits to life’s realities, but isn’t confined by the physical.

The High Priestess holds the book, the word, the codified explanation to the mysteries of the universe. But unless required, she keeps these secrets to herself.

The Hierophant is also a keeper of secrets, mysteries and the word from on high. But he’s actively willing to share.

In fact, the Hierophant sees his role as the ambassador of the spirit, the arbiter of truth in its most sublime form.

Bring the big questions before him and he will decide. He’s the human connection to the divine. He is Holy Law.

The High Priestess feels all right in this position. She might not be so accustomed to making decisions for others, but she’s certainly comfortable in her faith, and in her ability to interpret the law.

The Moon in Taurus, or High Priestess in the Hierophant’s clothes, is a time of spiritual and emotional certitude.

There’s a sense that the truth can be explained, understood and incorporated into daily life. Rules can and should be followed.

Instead of trying to force others to recognize what you know to be certain, try using this time to simply share your emotional, intellectual and spiritual perceptions.

Celebrate the diversity of spirit in our world, while figuring out for yourself what rules, spiritual or otherwise, work best for you.

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