Saturn in Scorpio – The World Riding Death’s Horse

Saturn in Scorpio, or the World riding Death's horse

From a Tarot perspective, this transit would be like the dancer in the World card is riding Death’s horse. She’s put down her batons and is taking survey of what needs change.

The World represents the culmination of a long and triumphant passage through a cycle. It is completion in its most euphoric sense.

Everything is coming full circle. A unity has been established out of the chaos, and all that’s left to do is dance.

The World reminds us to celebrate as we prepare to begin again on a new plateau. What’s ending can be looked upon with joy, and what’s beginning can be looked forward to with enthusiasm.

The Death card is also about completion, though it has a much more somber take on the subject than the World does.

It’s transformation through putrefaction and decay. It holds nothing sacred and takes on all who cross its path, saints and sinners alike.

Death is the end of what no longer works, but also the trigger for transformation into something that does.

Though the World would rather dance than play the heavy, she’s up for the challenge of riding Death’s mare. If anyone knows how to end things with grace, she does.

Saturn in Scorpio, or the World riding Death’s horse, is a time of extraordinary change.

Personal and global cycles are coming to a close, and though some of the endings might be unwelcome, there’s a sense of optimism in the air as well.

There’s a chance now to really clear out that which no longer serves you. Take this time to purge and release whatever’s blocking you from moving forward.

Though some of the shifts might be uncomfortable at first, they’re necessary and likely inevitable. A new perspective on the world is emerging. Embrace it and dance.

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