Sun in Aries – the Sun in the Emperor’s Clothing

Sun in Aries, the Sun Dressed as the Emperor

the Sun as the Emperor

From a Tarot perspective, it would be like the Sun is wearing the Emperor’s clothing. His scarlet flag is now his robe, and he’s left his horse for the throne.

The Sun is happy, open, and completely unfettered. He rides naked and free beyond the wall.

He’s not concerned with conventions or mysteries, he wants everything to be clear and bright. It’s been dark long enough and he’s almost home.

He might be little, but the Sun’s been everywhere and done it all. There’s nothing left to conquer, now he just wants to celebrate.

The Emperor on the other hand is interested in getting down to business. He’s got an agenda and he’s going to make it happen.

He’s a man of strength, authority, and raw power. He’s the seasoned warrior who’s never lost a battle.

The Emperor takes action, manifesting his will with determination and certainty. Courageous to a fault, he doesn’t back down.

The Sun is fearless as well, and totally game to take on the role of the Emperor for a while. He might even bring some fun to the position.

The Sun in Aries, or the Sun wearing the Emperor’s clothing, is a time of fiery energy and exciting potential.

There’s new enthusiasm in the air, and you’re likely to be feeling motivated to start fresh and do things you’ve only been thinking about till now.

Mark out your territory and create the empire you’ve been dreaming of. But keep it transparent and as playful as possible, you don’t want to be a tyrant.

Take charge of yourself and make your world great. Let others do the same in their own way.

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