Sun in Taurus – Sun in the Hierophant's Clothing

Sun in Hierophant's clothes

Sun dressed as Hierophant

Looking at it through the eyes of the tarot, this transit is like the Sun is dressed as the Hierophant. The nude child is putting on some heavy robes and getting serious.

The Sun is bright, light and unfettered by clothes or dogma. He’s open, fun and willing to be vulnerable.

Spiritual freedom, creative communication and unabashed enthusiasm rule when he shines undiluted.

The Sun could burn you if you stay out too long, but he does it without malice.

He might be a child, but he’s stronger than even he knows. Playing with the Sun is like playing with the life force itself.

The Hierophant isn’t so much about play, though he’s very interested in the life force in all its human manifestations.

Spirituality is his specialty. But he likes it directed, not shining around all willy-nilly. He prefers things organized and under control, preferably his control.

The Hierophant takes ritual and tradition very seriously. He sees it as the path to freedom, not a restraint.

The Sun is a little constrained in this position, but he enjoys the confidence that the Hierophant commands. And with focus and boundaries, he only looks brighter.

The Sun in Taurus, or the Sun dressed as the Hierophant, is a time where you can confidently express what you believe.

Making decisions isn’t a heavy burden, but rather a task to be tackled with determination, and even a certain joy.

Take pleasure in the human expression of the spirit, in the things we make, feel and hold up as sacred.

Having faith is very human. Use this time to actively connect to what you believe in, and share it as if it were a song, or a really good joke. Have fun with it.

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