Melting Tarot Brain Freeze

September 6th, 2012 § 0 comments

Everyone experiences it at some point.

You or your client pulls a card and all you can do is stare at it while not a single thought comes to mind. You’re completely blank.

If, or more correctly, when it happens to you, try not to panic. The Tarot window might slam shut for a moment, but it’s usually pretty easy to open it right back up.

One of the best techniques to use is to simply look at the card in question and start literally describing what you see.

No metaphoric meanings or memorized explanations, just look at the card and say what’s there.

#1 The Magician from the Smith Waite Tarot

If it’s the Magician, you might say something like,

’A man is standing with his right arm raised, holding a bar above his head while his left hand points to the ground. He’s behind a table on which are placed a sword, a stick, a cup and a pentacle. Roses and lilies grow in front of him and more roses hang from above. A snake forms a belt at his waist.’

Stay with the picture and it will lead you back into the reading. After describing the image literally, the metaphors typically begin to flow.

The literal description might remind you that there are tools at hand for your client, and that it’s important that they stand up and raise the bar a little higher.

They might be encouraged to see the beauty around them and to recognize the renewal that is taking place at their core level.

Any number of things might come to mind as long as you’re open to it and allow the image to speak rather than trying desperately to ‘remember’ what the card is meant to mean.

In the video below, which inspired this post, Dixie of nicely illustrates this ‘talk through the brain freeze’ technique. Take a look.

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