Soul Card #11 – Strength

#11 Strength from Georgie's Tarot

#11 Strength

#11 – Strength
If your tarot number adds up to 11, your personality is represented by Strength. 

You have a fiery nature and yet know how to direct your inner wildness to foster your personal power.

Balancing the beast within with an innocent outlook and compassionate wisdom allows you to attain your goals.   You have the ability to live with passion, while remaining mentally at peace.

Courage and integrity are your gifts when you focus and stay true to your inner wisdom.  There’s more power in the gentle touch than in forcing an issue with rage and impetuosity.

The Strength personality has a strong lust for life and a particular appreciation for its eternal cycles.

The soul symbol for the Strength personality is the High Priestess.

Famous Strength People:
Beatrix Potter, Bertolt Brecht, Cecil B. DeMille, Chelsea Clinton, Jack Benny, Hans Christian Anderson, Harry Houdini, Jean Cocteau, Kobe Bryant, LeAnn Rimes, Martha Graham, Nick Carter, Prince William, Scarlett Pomers, W.C. Fields

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