Growth Year #12 – The Hanged Man

#12 The Hanged Man from Georgie's Tarot

#12 Hanged Man

#12 – The Hanged Man
Years that add up to #12 are represented by the Hanged Man. 

Sacrifice and patience are highlighted during the Hanged Man year.  Patience is a virtue, allowing the time necessary to see all sides.  Sacrifice is a pre-requisite to enlightenment. 

Sometimes there’s a higher purpose than our immediate selves, and this year, you are particularly good at seeing it. 

This year you’ll be forced to look at things from a different perspective than you’re used to.  This can prove quite enlightening. 

Watch carefully and you’ll know when the time is finally right to act.  See what it might take for you to align your higher principles with your mental attitudes and physical behaviours.  You might be surprised how smooth things start moving.

The shadow symbols for the Hanged Man year are the Empress and the Universe.

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