Growth Year #16 – The Tower

#16 The Tower from Georgie's Tarot

#16 The Tower

#16 – The Tower
Years adding up to #16 are represented by the Tower.

Try as you might this year to keep the world structured and steady, it’ll seem to tumble down around you anyway. 

Just as you mortar the last brick in place, lightening strikes and you’ll be starting it all again. 

But not to worry – these fortresses had to come down and this is the year you have the strength and fortitude to deal with it?

Nothing lasts forever, regardless of how permanent it might appear.  And that’s okay – sometimes the walls become more of a prison than a shelter. 

The Tower year reminds us to let change happen when it needs to, and gives us the nudge we need to go through with it.

The shadow symbol for the Tower is the Chariot.

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