Growth Year #21 – The Universe

#21 The Universe from Georgie's Tarot

#21 The Universe

#21 – The Universe
Years adding up to #21 are represented by the Universe.

This is the year when you finally figure out how to merge your conscious self with your unconscious self.  Congratulations. 

You understand that ultimately they are the same and your thoughts and creativity flow freely from one to the other. 

This is a year when you can create a universe in teacup. Structure doesn’t hinder you.  It only challenges you to find freedom within it. 

General enthusiasm and a willingness to try everything makes this year potentially a lot of fun.  It also marks the end of a long phase in your life. 

It’s a time to celebrate before moving on to something brand new.  Embrace the joy in life and encourage everyone to join you.  And anytime you get a chance – dance! 

The shadow symbols for the Universe are the Hanged Man and the Empress.

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