Growth Year #4 – The Emperor

#4 The Emperor from Georgie's Tarot

#4 The Emperor

#4 – The Emperor
Years that add up to #4 are represented by the Emperor. 

Assertive and confident, this is a year when you’ll have a strong sense of your own dominion.  You’ll work hard to create the world you want to live in and have little tolerance for upstarts pushing in uninvited. 

Once you set your mind to something this year, your focus will rarely waver.  An aura of authority surrounds you during the Emperor year and if you’re not too pushy, things will probably go your way. 

Few will be unaware of how you feel as passion for your convictions will be ignited.  Logical and rational, the Emperor year allows you to get in touch with your power and take full responsibility for your actions.

The Fool and Death cards are the shadow symbols for the year of the Emperor.

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