Growth Year #15 – The Devil

#15 The Devil from Georgie's Tarot

#15 The Devil

#15 – The Devil
Years that add up to #15 are represented by the Devil card.

Intensity and obsessive behaviour are highlighted this year.  When you focus on something, you’ll likely keep at till its done. 

During the Devil year, you’re more concerned with what you can see and touch than any airy-fairy theories.  And there might not be a lot of patience for those that don’t want to get down and dirty when the time comes. 

But when you play, you’ll play hard, and the craziness of the world will probably amuse you.  During the Devil year, nothing is taboo. 

What matters is not what you’re doing per se, but whether or not you’re doing it like you mean it.

The Lovers are the shadow symbol for the Devil year.

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