Tarot Mars Transits

#16 The Tower from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

#16 The Tower

If we translate the astrological Mars transits into Tarot, it’s kind of like seeing the Tower’s Lightening flashing through all the signs it visits.

To see the Tower on its cosmic tour, take a look at the Tarot Mars Transit series …

Mars in Aries – The Tower as the Emperor’s Throne

Mars in Taurus – The Tower’s Lightening Strikes the Hierophant’s Throne

Mars in Gemini – The Tower Strikes the Lovers’ Angel

Mars in Cancer – The Tower Takes a Ride on the Chariot

Mars in Leo – The Tower Strikes Strength

Mars in Virgo – The Tower Strikes the Hermit

Mars in Libra – the Tower’s Lightening Strikes Justice

Mars in Scorpio – The Tower’s Lightening Strikes Death

Mars in Sagittarius – Tower Strikes Temperance

Mars in Capricorn – Tower Strikes the Devil’s Lair

Mars in Aquarius – The Tower Strikes the Star

Mars in Pisces – The Tower’s Lightening Strikes the Moon

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