Tarot Views on the News – Thank You!!

March 18th, 2014 § 0 comments § permalink


Last week we shot the final episodes of Tarot Views on the News. It’s sad to see it over, but it’s been a fabulously fun two years.

Thank you everyone for all your support of the show, and thank you especially to my TVOTN cohort, Alanna, and to all the guys from Orange who made it happen!

Hopefully something new will be on the horizon soon. I’ll certainly let you all know if there is.

To see our last few episodes, visit The Loop.

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The Celebrity Reading Tarot Girls …

November 27th, 2012 § 2 comments § permalink

Myself, Alanna, and Sherita are still busy doing celebrity readings for CelebEdge.ca.

Make sure you visit if you’ve been wondering what Tarot has to say about the latest tabloid rumours. New readings are posted every week!

And here’s some pictures from after last week’s shoot. As you can see, we don’t just pull cards on the stars, we do it for ourselves too …

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Some Pictures …

August 31st, 2012 § 2 comments § permalink

As some readers of this blog already know, I’ve been doing video readings on CelebEdge.ca for the last few months now.

They’re great fun – short, sweet, and full of celebrity gossip.

New clips are posted every week so if you want to know what the cards have to say about the stars, you might want to check back often.

Here are some pictures from after our last shoot …

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