Happy Birth Day – a tarot spread

July 25th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

Birthdays are like little personal New Year’s celebrations. They’re recognition of another good spin around the calendar, great times to rejoice and to reflect.

In honour of my own birthday, which happens tomorrow, I came up with a quick 3-card Tarot spread meant to explore how to best take advantage of my solar return.

It’s called the Happy Birth Day spread

1. Happy – what’s the smoothest road to happiness for me this new year?

2. Birth – what positive new aspect of myself should I encourage to be born?

3. Day – how can I make today a fabulous and joy-filled one?

Even if it isn’t your birthday, you can try out the spread. Instead of ‘Birth’ you might insert ‘New’ and ask – what can I make new today?

Every day is an anniversary of last year. You can always find reason to enjoy, celebrate, and refresh.

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