A Virtual Postcard Arcana – the Suit of Cups

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As some readers know, I’ve been putting together a Virtual Postcard Arcana made up of postcards from the website CardCow.com.

In January I posted a Major Arcana, in February, the Court Cards, in March, the Suit of Wands, and today it’s the Suit of Cups.

I wish I actually owned these postcards, but making the virtual deck is almost as fun.

Ace of Cups

Happy Days - Cherub in a Glass of Bubbly Postcard

2 of Cups

Lovers Drinking Wine Antique Postcard

3 of Cups

Two Fat Men Toasting Postcard

4 of Cups

Chicago Apparatus Company, Accuracy Plus Strength Old Postcard

5 of Cups

Here’s To Love

6 of Cups

7-Up 6-Bottle Carton Postcard

7 of Cups

Put In A Full Week Here Old Postcard

8 of Cups

A Camel Can Go 8 Days Without A Drink Antique Postcard

9 of Cups

Who Wants To Drink 37 Bottles To Be 100% Drunk ? Vintage Postcard

10 of Cups

Rainbow With The Pot Of Gold Antique Postcard

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Virtual Postcard Arcana – the Court Cards

February 2nd, 2014 § 0 comments § permalink

A few weeks ago, I posted a Virtual Postcard Arcana majors-only deck that I put together using images from CardCow.com.

Today I’m posting the Court Cards for this virtual deck. Take a look …

King of Wands
Parsi Priest in White Robes Antique Postcard

Queen of Wands
Good Luck Vintage Post Card

Knight of Wands
David - Portrait de M. Seriziat Vintage Postcard

Page of Wands
Cinderella Antique Postcard

King of Swords
Chef carving a rib roast Postcard

Queen of Swords
Tragedies - Topless Woman holding Sword Vintage Post Card

Knight of Swords
Man in Chain Mail, XIV Century Old Postcard

Page of Swords
Children Playing with Wood Swords and Rocking Horse Old Postcard

King of Cups
Moustached Man in Beer Stein Antique Postcard

Queen of Cups
Canadian Pacific Tokyo Vintage Postcard

Knight of Cups
Man carrying jugs Vintage Postcard

Page of Cups
Autumn With Cup Of Nectar By Kate Smith Old Postcard

King of Disks
Money Talks Antique Postcard

Queen of Disks
Describe a Postcard (Image Tagging) Postcard

Knight of Disks
Silver Dime Vintage Postcard

Page of Disks
A Merry Christmas Antique Postcard

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A Virtual Arcana

January 13th, 2014 § 0 comments § permalink

Last week, I came across the website cardcow.com. They specialize in buying and selling vintage postcards of all sorts.

Many of the postcards featured on the site are physically available for purchase, but there’s also an option to buy image downloads, or to use them for free on your website (if you use the handy embed code they supply).

I spent some time looking around, and as usual when faced with a multitude of images, I started TarotSpotting. It was a goldmine!!

Below, you’ll find a Major Arcana I put together rather quickly. I found some great images for many of the Minor Arcana as well, but I’ll probably put them together in a future post.

I’d love to purchase these images and make actual cards with them, but for now the Virtual PostCard Arcana is what we’ve got …

The Fool

Miss Pauline Chase as Hobo Postcard

The Magician

Mandrake the Magician Vintage Postcard

The High Priestess

Minerva, Library Of Congress Vintage Post Card

The Empress

Empress of Russia Vintage Postcard

The Emperor

Emperor Thành Thái Vintage Post Card

The Hierophant

Priest wearing spectacles at the pulpit Vintage Post Card

The Lovers

Star-Crossed Lovers from Yale and Harvard Vintage Postcard

The Chariot

Horse Drawn Carriage Vintage Postcard


Loved By Millions - The Statue of Liberty Antique Postcard

The Hermit

The Shoemaker Monk, Santa Barbara Mission Old Postcard

The Wheel of Fortune

La Grande Roue (Ferris Wheel) Old Postcard


Nude Woman Holding Flag Standing next to Large Lion Antique Postcard

The Hanged Man

Hanged Man Cavorting Vintage Postcard


The Hampton Court Palace Ghost Antique Postcard


Easter Greetings - Angel with a Cross and Lily Motif Postcard

The Devil

Henry W. Savage The Devil Smiles at the Garden Theatre Old Postcard

The Tower

Luna Park Tower at Night Vintage Post Card

The Star

Star Pylon Vintage Postcard

The Moon

Woman Posing With Man On The Moon Vintage Postcard

The Sun

Femme Aux Tourments - The Sun Flowers Vintage Post Card


A Happy Easter Antique Postcard

The World

The Steel Globe Tower Old Postcard

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