Fortune-Telling and Juggling Now Legal in Cook County Forest Preserve

July 18th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Seal of Cook County, Illinois

Seal of Cook County

It’s now legal to juggle, perform acrobatic feats, and read fortunes in Cook County, Illinois’ Forest Preserve.

The Forest Preserve commissioners took time out last week to clean up some of the old, and possibly illegal, ordinances they still had on the books.

According to Dennis White, attorney for the County, the rules against juggling and acrobatics were probably instituted to discourage carnivals or circuses from setting up in the preserve.

If that’s true, I’d guess that’s also why fortune-telling was banned. But the decision to lift the ban had nothing to do with circuses.

According to one of the commissioners, that was done because the ordinance didn’t define what fortune-telling is.

So it’s now okay to juggle, somersault, and divine at the preserve. But take note, it’s still illegal to go naked on its driving range and golf course.

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