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RWS 10 of Pentacles - Smith and Waite

There’s a strong sense of physical security in the 10 of Pentacles.

In the Thoth Tarot, this card is called ‘wealth’. In the RWS deck, the image is filled with coin-like disks, rich textiles, and a seeming family unity. Three generations are pictured, as well as what look to be two thoroughbred hounds.

RWS 10 of Pentacles - guard detail

But not only is there the sense of security through physical prosperity and family/community ties, there’s actually an armed guard in the picture too.

If you haven’t noticed him (or her) before, he’s there by the archway, long spear in hand, apparently ready to defend the family inside.

In such a busy card, there’s a lot going on. Take a look yourself and see if there’s something you haven’t noticed before.

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Did You Notice …

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HEAD_RWS King of Wands

In case you ever forget that the King of Wands is the King of Fire, the crown he wears in the Rider Waite Smith deck is actually shaped like flames.

HEAD_RWS Queen of Wands
And with the Queen of Wands, her creativity is apparent in the leaves sprouting on her headdress.

The Queen of Swords has a crown of butterflies, and her King sports a golden angel just above his third eye.

HEAD_RWS Queen of Swords

HEAD_RWS King of Swords
Take a look at the crowns of all the Kings and Queens in the RWS Tarot Court cards (and the other cards as well). They all have a little something to say about the character whose wearing them.

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