Don't Mess With the Spirits

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Take a look at the video below …

It’s a fun little story of a phony fortune-teller who finds out that what she’s faking could be real.

Don’t mess with the spirits.

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Don't be scammed, you have not been cursed …

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Being a Tarot reader myself, I hate writing about this. But every now and then I feel like the topic should be revisited.

Some psychic readers are frauds, downright lying criminals. Those that are, know who they are, and they should be very ashamed.

Using the occult, or anything, to scam people, especially in times of grief and vulnerability, is disgusting.

Fortunately, these criminals are pretty easy to identify. They’re not particularly imaginative, and have been using the same tired old tricks forever.

If you’re getting a psychic reading of any kind, be it tarot, palm, akashic records, auras, chakras, crystal balls, the other side … whatever, watch for these three red flags:

1) The reader tells you that you or your loved ones have been cursed, and that the reader knows how to remove that curse.

Typically removal involves actions like buying a crystal, giving your money or jewelry over to the reader for ‘cleansing’, having candles burned for you by holy people, etc. Don’t do it.

2) The reader tells you that there are dark forces around you against which you need protection.

Similar to the curse scenario, the reader is likely to try to sell you something, or ask you for your money or expensive items for ‘cleansing’. Again, don’t fall for it.

3) The reader tells you that they can unite, or reunite you with your loved ones.

A reader cannot make your ex-lover come back to you, or reunite you with a family member, or make someone fall in love with you, or do anything that you know already to be impossible.

It doesn’t matter how much you pay them. It will never ever happen. They are not magic. They are con-artists.

The video below shows a recent example of a psychic con-artist in Indiana. There’s absolutely nothing new about this story, it plays out all the time.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Readings can be fantastic experiences providing comfort, clarity and positive direction.

They shouldn’t leave you feeling frightened, more confused than you were before the reading, or like you’ve just discovered a secret club with all the answers.

If you’re being promised the moon, or terrified by threats of curses, you’re dealing with a scammer. Don’t let them intimidate you with fear, or lure you in with false hope.

Do some research before getting a reading and ask around.

And if you’re really curious, get yourself a Tarot deck and start playing.

You’ll learn pretty fast how psychic energy works, and be far less likely to fall for the tricks of a con-artist reader.

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