Make Your Own Tarot Deck

December 28th, 2010 § 3 comments § permalink

Looking for a New Year’s Tarot crafting project? Why not make your very own Georgie’s Tarot!

What you’ll need:
•13 letter size pages of sticker paper – Avery makes the kind I’ve always used
•2 packs of standard playing cards with the same back design and colour – I usually get used casino decks from the dollar store
•a printer
•a decent pair of scissors

What to do:
•on your sticker paper, print out Georgie’s Tarot from the PDF below (try a test run first on regular paper)
•cut out each of the cards using the outer borders as your guide
•adhere each stickered image to a playing card

And that’s it. Your new deck is ready to go.

Have fun!! I’d love to hear from anyone who makes one.

Please Note: Georgie’s Tarot is free to download, but it’s meant for your personal use only. Georgianna reserves all rights to this deck.

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