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Tarot’s Ace of Wands often reflects the seed of inspiration, that first spark that gets us motivated to do something new, or to do something old in a new way.

In the video below by Blnd, they don’t mention the Ace of Wands, but they do describe the ‘carrot’ as something that gets us moving. And really, doesn’t a carrot look an awful lot like an Ace of Wands, just upside down and in vegetable form? At least I think so.

Take a look at The Ultimate Guide to Inspiration, and maybe chase on after a carrot sometime today…

We're All Receivers

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Take a listen to Jason Silva talk really fast about what it means to be a ‘receiver’.

It’s the feeling of inspiration he’s describing, artistic or otherwise. Certainly it’s part of the psychic experience when you suddenly feel connected.

The video was put together by the Imaginary Foundation, and I found it at Reality Sandwich.

Both organizations explore human consciousness, imagination, and new ways of thinking.

They’re fun to visit when you feel like looking at the world a little differently than usual.

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