The Fool’s Journey

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#0 The Fool - Rider Waite Smith TarotThe Fool moving from the beginning of the Major Arcana on through the other 21 cards can be seen as a story of progressive enlightenment.

The Fool starts at Zero, where everything is not much more than unknown potential, and nothing is quite solid, on through the other cards, where he learns all sorts of life lessons, eventually ending up at #21, the World, where he finally gets it. By that stage, everything makes sense, and after some celebration, the Fool’s ready to start the trip all over again.

Looked at from this perspective, the story of the Major Arcana is simply another example of the Hero’s Journey, as described most eloquently by Joseph Campbell, though Iskander Krayenbosch (creator of the video below) does a good job as well.

Take a look at Krayenbosch’s The Hero’s Journey to see a quick run through of the 12 major stages of the Hero’s quest for enlightenment. And if you’re a Tarot reader, see what cards you think might belong to each step.

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