Jupiter in Virgo – The Wheel of Fortune Spins the Hermit

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Wheel of Fortune Spins the Hermit

Jupiter moves into Virgo today and will stay there until September 9th, 2016.

Translated into Tarot, this transit might be described as the Wheel of Fortune taking the Hermit for a spin; the old guy has left his cave and is trying out something new.

The Wheel of Fortune brings with it the opportunity to make positive change in our lives. It asks us to take chances and to do things a little differently than we might be accustomed to.

When the Wheel’s around, we’re encouraged to break free of our comfort zones, especially if they’ve grown a little stale with time, and to do things that might develop new perspectives, and bring new energies into our daily existence.

The Wheel of Fortune helps expand our world in terms of communication and expression, and it typically brings a healthy dose of good luck along with it.

The Hermit, on the other hand, is much more comfortable doing his own thing, in the way that he’s always been doing it. Shaking things up is not something he’s particularly fond of.

While the Hermit is often an excellent communicator when need-be, it’s not always easy for him to get out and share what he knows. He’s somewhat of a solitary thinker, and he’d usually rather mediate alone then speak out in a crowd.

The Hermit encourages self-reflection, and reminds us that more often than not, we have all that we need within ourselves. For him, looking for insight or validation in the outer world is far less useful than looking for the truth from within.

Though the Hermit might not have asked to go for a spin with the Wheel of Fortune, the change is probably good for him. It’s time now to let his internal light shine bright for the rest of the world to see.

Jupiter in Virgo, or the Wheel of Fortune taking the Hermit for a spin, is a great time to clear away outmoded and stagnant attitudes while opening up to new ways of seeing ourselves and the world we’re living in.

Share insights you might normally keep to yourself, and try not to be tricked into believing everyone else knows more than you do.

This is a chance to let others see what you’ve got, as well as an opportunity to see how your own ideas play out in the bigger world.

If you normally spend a lot of time alone, shift things up a bit and get outside to see what’s happening.

And if you are usually out and about anyway, see if you can pay especial attention to situations or voices you might normally not pay much attention to, there’s likely a message there waiting for you to hear.

One way or another, don’t be shy, or afraid to reach beyond you usual boundaries. You’ve got something to teach and something to learn, and getting out of your cave is the first step in that process.

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