Paying Attention

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2 of Swords - Rider Waite Smith Tarot

When I think about the concept of paying attention, or mindfulness, the Tarot card that comes to my mind first is the 2 of Swords.

In the Rider Waite Smith version of the card, a woman sits quietly by the sea wearing a blindfold and holding two apparently heavy swords across her chest.

I’ve always thought that she looked quite calm, and imagined that she put the blindfold on in order to avoid distraction, and was holding the swords in some sort of yogic asana.

Though some readers see this card as describing mental blocks, or difficulties making decisions, I’ve always seen it as being more about overcoming such blocks or difficulties through quiet reflection, meditation, and/or mindfulness.

In the Big Think video below, Peter Baumann talks about mindfulness, paying attention, and the distractions we all face on a regular basis. Though he doesn’t mention the 2 of Swords, he definitely has some interesting things to say. Take a look …

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