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Check out this website –>

There are thousands of books for you to download, absolutely free. You won’t find anything new there. All the titles are part of the Public Domain. But it’s actually the ‘old’ nature of these books that is so attractive.

The Tarot: It's Occult Significance, Use In Fortune-Telling, Method of Play, Etc. by Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers

The Tarot

Maybe I could find affordable original copies of Ouspensky’s The Symbolism of the Tarot (1913) or Foli’s Fortune-Telling By Cards (1915) in an old book store, on Amazon or at eBay. But here they’re at my fingertips – for free!! No shipping charges.

In a few short minutes, I downloaded The Tarot (1888) by MacGregor Mathers, Thierens’ General Book of the Tarot (1930), and Alchemy, The Turba Philosophorum by Arthur Edward Waite. It’s extraordinary.

You can become a member of the site for a one-time charge of either $49 or $69. With that you get ‘clean’ downloads. It’s not a problem for me, but the free pdf’s have a line running through them and are a little splotchier than the members’ downloads. But don’t worry, they’re very readable.

Also, if you’d prefer reading a book with a cover, they’ll print one up for you at a very nominal fee. I actually discovered them by ordering one of their books from Amazon.

This sounds like an ad I know, but it’s really just an unsolicited endorsement of a fabulous site (and idea). I’ve already downloaded six books from them for free. If after I read them, I feel like I must own a hardcopy, I’ll get one. But really … this is just great!!!

And though they have a huge metaphysical section, that’s not all. They also have classical fiction, art, philosophy, science, religion, folklore, mythology and sacred texts.

Visit today and get reading!!

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