Romanian Fortune-telling Follow-up ….

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Coat of Arms for Romania

Romanian Coat of Arms

Romanian witches and fortune-tellers have won their battle. At least for now.

This past Tuesday, 249 Romanian deputies rejected a bill which would have forced fortune-tellers, or witchcraft practitioners, to pay a fine or go to jail if their predictions were wrong.

Ten deputies supported the new legislation, while six abstained.

The bill, which passed the Senate last month, would also have required receipts to be provided to all customers, and have prohibited such businesses from being located near churches or schools.

Politicians who brought the legislation forward claimed they were looking to regulate occult practices and trying to prevent ‘the devastating effects of witchcraft’. Others disagreed.

Some commentators felt the move was nothing more than a governmental diversion tactic meant to avoid focus on bigger problems faced by the country.

Earlier this year, new legislation requiring fortune-tellers to pay taxes incensed many Romanian witches, leading some to dump poison mandrake into the Danube in an attempt to hex the government.

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Romanian Witches Face New Restrictions

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Just yesterday I wrote about fortune-tellers under pressure in Malawi. Today it’s Romania that’s back in the news . . .

On January 1st the Romanian Parliament declared fortune-telling a legal profession.

It seemed like good news at the time. At least for those witches who didn’t mind paying taxes.

A few people though, didn’t like the new proposal. In fact, they threatened to curse the legislators who were going to pass it.

The law went through anyway. In retaliation, some witches dumped poison mandrake into the Danube in an attempt to hex the government.

But magic can be a tricky business. It can come back at you if you’re not careful. Maybe that’s what’s happening in this case.

Not only are Romanian witches now expected to be licensed and pay taxes, but politicians are debating a draft bill which would also require them to be judged on their predictive accuracy.

What’s more, they might be fined or even jailed if their readings are wrong.

The new bill would also require receipts to be provided to all customers, and fortune-telling would not be permitted near churches or schools.

Opponents of the proposal say it’s a ruse to deflect public attention from Romania’s many problems.

“The government doesn’t have real solutions, so it invents problems,” political commentator, Stelian Tanase told the AP.

The bill passed in the Senate last week, but still has to be approved by a financial and labor committee, as well as by the Chamber of Deputies.

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