Forgiveness in the Cards

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What Tarot cards might indicate the idea of forgiveness?

I imagine that a number of characters in the deck are forgiving … for instance, members of the Cup family, the Queen of Pentacles, and of course, the Empress.

And in a more official capacity, the Hierophant and Justice might decide who should be forgiven and who should be punished. Even the Hermit might be connected to this concept, at least on a personal level of self-forgiveness.

But I’d say that the more overtly forgiving cards might be the 6 of Cups, the 2 of Cups, and the Star.

I say that because (at least in the RWS deck), the 6 and 2 of Cups show people actually looking at each other and communicating with love. They might be communicating about all sorts of things, but it’s easy to imagine one or both of the characters to be saying “I’m sorry” and/or “I forgive you.”

With regards to the Star, it’s more of a heavenly or universal type thing – she’s always there above to lend us some hope, healing, and forgiveness.

So take a look at your own deck and think about what cards might mean forgiveness to you. And if you want to see an interesting little discussion on why forgiveness is so important, take a look at the video below from the School of Life called How To Forgive

How to Recount Your Dreams

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According to this School of Life video from Lazy Chief, the trick to recounting our dreams isn’t so much about the dreams themselves and how interesting, confusing, or exciting they might be, but rather how we tell the story.

Narration itself can be difficult, and whether you’re trying to narrate a dream, a Tarot reading, or a trip to an exotic land, the art of telling the story is the challenge, not finding a good story to tell.

Why Introspection Matters

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#9 The Hermit - Rider Waite Smith Tarot

When I first saw Why Introspection Matters as the title of the video below from the School of Life, I thought it might connect to concepts in Tarot’s Hermit card. And since the Hermit is very much about introspection, or knowing oneself, it is.

#8 Strength - Rider Waite Smith Tarot

However, this particular video more directly describes concepts connected with the Strength card, #8 (or #11 depending on which deck you’re using.) It shows clearly how the Lion and the Maiden (or in the case of the video, Androcles) can both be found within each of us, and why it’s a good idea to figure out how to tame our own wild side before we go bashing around trying to tame anyone else’s.

Take a look …

How Do You Feel?

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Getting in touch with our feelings can sometimes be a little more difficult than we might think. In fact, a lot of Tarot readings end up being about that very thing.

For instance, questions about what someone should do next about their relationship, or their job, or if they should have another child, or whatever, are often really questions about how one feels about a particular issue.

And that’s not a bad thing, after all, figuring out how one feels very often answers the question of what one should do next, or least it helps to lead us in a positive direction.

The School of Life video below explores what being out of touch with one’s feelings really means, and offers a few non-Tarot solutions to getting back in touch. Take a look, and see how you feel …

Staring Out A Window – Do It!

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Some might call it a waste of time, but others (like me and the School of Life) think that spending some time staring out a window is well worth the non-effort.

Take a look at the video below and see what you think …

Practising Good Listening

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Though being able to read cards is obviously essential for anyone who wants to be a Tarot reader, to read cards for other people, it’s almost just as important to be a good listener. If we don’t really hear what people are asking, how can we help them to find answers?

The School of Life video below highlights four conversational behaviours of good listeners. They’re great reminders for me as a reader, but also just as a person who likes talking with others.

Take a look for yourself and see if you’re practicing good listening …

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Be Kind To Yourself

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#17 The Star - Rider Waite Smith Tarot

It’s very easy for us to blame ourselves for everything that isn’t right in our lives. And yes, some of the less than pleasant aspects of our world might in fact be partly (or even wholly) our responsibility. But often, we’re not quite as in control of situations as we might believe, and a little self-compassion might be in order.

From a Tarot perspective, the Star card comes to mind when I think of self-compassion. If there were anyone who would like us to be kind to ourselves (especially when we feel the world is coming down around us) it would be the Star. She refills, replenishes, and reminds us to believe that all is well, even if all isn’t perfect.

And as an extra reminder, there’s the video below by the School of Life, which suggests six steps towards being good to oneself.

So take a look at A Self Compassion Exercise, and give yourself a break …

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Confidence and The Fool

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#0 The Fool - Rider Waite Smith Tarot

While watching this School of Life video called Confidence, I couldn’t help but think of Tarot’s Fool.

His attitude is one of supreme confidence, not because he knows it all, or has solutions for everything that might come up, but because he’s willing to try things out, willing to take that leap with the faith that he’ll be okay, whatever happens next.

The Fool doesn’t wait around to be sure that every last detail is in place before taking the next step. If he waits for perfection, he might never move. And though things might not work out exactly as planned, the Fool knows for sure that if he doesn’t get moving, there’s not much chance he’ll get any further than he already is.

So take a look at Confidence, then get out there and try making a Fool’s leap of your own. And if for some reason you take a spill, just do what the Fool would do … get up, dust yourself off, and have the confidence to try again.

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6 of Disks - Thoth Tarot

In the Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris, the 6 of Disks is called ‘Success’.

Though this card often represents positive achievement in financial dealings, the concept behind ‘success’ is a lot bigger than just making some money. It’s about actively realizing goals of all sorts, especially those achieved through solid work and commitment.

For an interesting perspective on what ‘success’ really means, take a look at this short video from The School of Life

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