Ernst Haeckel and the World Riddle

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The other day, after watching an episode of the TV show, Closer To Truth, I asked my Science Tarot “Is the Universe ‘about’ something?”

The card I got was the Queen of Swords, Ernst Haeckel, Storyteller.

Ernst Haeckel and von Miclucho-Maclay_1866

Exploring the World Riddle

Ernst Haeckel was an artist, philosopher, and biologist largely known for his illustrations of animal, plant and microscopic life.

His work helped in explaining Darwin’s theory of evolution to the general public, and he’s credited with discovering, describing, and naming thousands of new species.

According to Wikipedia, his philosophical text, The Riddle of the Universe, from 1901, is the genesis for the term world riddle, which of course is a phrase describing the exploration of the very nature of the universe and the meaning of life.

How perfect – that’s exactly what I was asking about … the big riddle.

Though I doubt that the cards were telling me that Haeckel’s theories explain all the cosmic secrets, I do think they were letting me know that the riddle is worth exploring.

Science, art, philosophy … my beloved Tarot – all can help us in our quest to understand. And like Haeckel, all of us can be storytellers along the way.

I guess the answer to my question, “is the Universe ‘about’ something?” is to just keep looking.

A few days after pulling the Ernst Haeckel Tarot card, I unexpectedly came across this video called Life Forms by Thomas Lelouch and Antoine Presles. It’s a tribute to Ernst Haeckel. Nice.

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Star Dust and the Universe

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While watching Symphony of Science’s video We Are Star Dust by melodysheep, I really couldn’t help but think of the Thoth Tarot’s Star and Universe cards.

The Star and the Universe from the Thoth Tarot - Crowley/Harris

There’s no question about it, we are all in this Universe and the Universe is in us.

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A Tarot Quiz on the Science Channel

October 25th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

I was happy to find a ‘Tarot Quiz’ on the Science Chanel’s website.

Yes, it’s very basic, and is posted in the ‘oddities’ section. But I was still glad to see it there on a well-trafficked mainstream site.

It might not teach anyone how to read cards, or even encourage anyone to try. But at least it doesn’t make fun of Tarot or the people who like it.

And of course, since it is the Science Channel, there’s no suggestion that the cards are evil or any of that type of nonsense.

Instead there are questions relating to psychological concepts like archetypes, projection, and the use of Ink Blot tests.

It’s kind of fun if you’re someone who likes answering multiple-choice questions. I’m embarrassed to say though that I didn’t get 100% when I first took it.

If you take it yourself, be careful of the wording in #2, it tripped me up for sure.

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