A Card for Earth Day

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Big Blue Marble

In honour of Earth Day tomorrow, and more specifically, Mother Earth herself, I thought I’d draw one card to ask what we can personally do to make the planet a little greener this year.

The card I got was the 10 of Wands. It pictures someone carrying a heavy load of sticks. The person is slightly stooped and seems to have quite a distance to go before they’ll get to their destination.

10 of Wands from the Smith Waith Tarot

Typically I tell someone who pulls this card to consider decreasing some of their responsibilities, delegating tasks, and/or asking for some help.

The load has grown too heavy and if they continue as they’ve been going, they’re headed for a collapse of sorts.

Looking at this card from the perspective of my question though, it strikes me that we’re being asked to lessen our load on the planet. And in particular, our energy load, as the suit of wands is closely associated to energy in all its forms.

Moving forward as we have been is too much for the earth and collapse is likely if we don’t make change.

Furthermore, I think the card might be indicating that we’ve got some serious work ahead, and that there’s a distance to go before we can claim victory.

I see optimism here though, even in the midst of what the Thoth deck calls ‘oppression’. All the tens in Tarot suggest the end of a cycle, and we’re likely facing one as a society right now.

How can we start making change today? What old ways of doing things can we leave behind in the past, and where can we look to find inspiration for the future?

I should probably pull some more cards on those questions too …

Happy Earth Day!! Be Green.

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