A Joke in Tarot

November 5th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Rosetta Stone at the British Museum, photo by Hans Hillewaert

The Rosetta Stone

Do you want to see a joke told in Tarot? And not only in Tarot, but in Ancient Egyptian and Cuneiform too.

Reg Kemp, a UK comedian and apparent UFOlogist, says he’s been interested in dead languages lately. It led him to record this joke three different ways.

No one knows what Ancient Egyptian or Cuneiform actually sounded like, so Kemp does his own interpretation and acts them out.

For the Tarot segment, he translates in English just in case we don’t get the joke. And I warn you, it’s pretty idiotic, but I enjoyed it anyway.

I love that he made himself a kind of human Rosetta Stone, but I reject his inclusion of the Tarot as one of the dead languages.

It’s alive and kicking, though not phonetic. And unlike the other two, it’s not written in stone.

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