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HEAD_RWS King of Wands

In case you ever forget that the King of Wands is the King of Fire, the crown he wears in the Rider Waite Smith deck is actually shaped like flames.

HEAD_RWS Queen of Wands
And with the Queen of Wands, her creativity is apparent in the leaves sprouting on her headdress.

The Queen of Swords has a crown of butterflies, and her King sports a golden angel just above his third eye.

HEAD_RWS Queen of Swords

HEAD_RWS King of Swords
Take a look at the crowns of all the Kings and Queens in the RWS Tarot Court cards (and the other cards as well). They all have a little something to say about the character whose wearing them.

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The Judgement Card, and Pulling Again When You Don't Like the First

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The Judgement Card from Sascha Raeburn on Vimeo

I like that this short film by Sascha Raeburn is about Tarot, or at least that the Tarot is a main focus. But I’m not sure why the characters in the story are so horrified by the Judgement card.

In the skit, two girls are asking about the relationship prospects for one of them. It’s clear that they’ve pulled some cards on the topic already and got Judgement twice. They see it as a terrible card and want to try again.

Of course, they get Judgement a third time and it creeps them out. They decide they’ve had enough and pack up, ending the movie.

#20 Judgment from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

#20 Judgement

It’s true that Judgement isn’t the most romantic card, and wouldn’t at first glance be what a young girl might hope for when asking about love, what with the gray bodies rising from their coffins and all.

But as the penultimate card in the major arcana, Judgement suggests that there’s probably something significant about the relationship in question that might be worth exploring.

A major cycle is ending and a movement to a new phase or dimension is about to take place. From a relationship perspective, this could mean that their union might be an awakening of sorts, a call to pay attention.

Together, they could come to see life from a new perspective, leaving their old ways of behaving and stale perceptions about relationships behind.

It could also suggest that the girl asking the question is on the verge of something exciting herself, some sort of major life change, and that she’s projecting these feelings onto the boy she has a crush on.

But of course this is a film and how the director wants to interpret a card in their own story is completely up to them. What’s perhaps more interesting than the card they drew and what it might mean to me, is how the characters reacted to a card they didn’t like.

What they did was pretty common in real life readings, especially for people new to Tarot – ask a question, get a card, reject it at first glance, and pull again right away.

However tempting it might be, pulling more cards, hoping for a ‘better’ one with the next draw isn’t particularly worthwhile.

It’s kind of like asking a friend for advice, looking at them without listening as they answer, then asking them the same question again immediately after they finish responding.

If this is something you find yourself doing, slow down and try staying with that first card you get, even if it doesn’t look like it makes sense. With a little contemplation it’s likely to become clear soon enough.

And if you do keep pulling and the same card keeps appearing, don’t just shove it back into the deck and carry on. If you bothered to ask the Tarot in the first place, don’t you want to know what it has to say, especially when it’s shouting?

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Psychics and Cocktails Don't Always Mix

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Beverly Hills

I had to wait till it was in reruns, but I’ve finally seen the episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with the famous dinner blow-out involving medium, Allison Dubois.

What started as a tense but potentially pleasant girls’ night, turned into a dining room brawl.

The ladies already had some issues between them, but the introduction of psychic readings into a potentially explosive situation only made things worse. Add giant cocktails to the mix and look out.

From an entertainment perspective, the show was great. Seeing Dubois suck on her electronic cigarette and look knowingly around with each exhale was amusing. But what she had to say to the other guests was more shocking than funny.

Granted, she was somewhat goaded into doing readings at a dinner party, where as she pointed out, she was ‘off the clock’. Maybe the other ladies shouldn’t have been so insistent about getting a sample of her work. But who could blame them?

A famous medium was at the party who made it clear to all of them that she had access to information they might want to know. Of course they wondered if she ‘saw anyone’ around them.

As it turned out, Dubois ‘appeased’ the Housewives and delivered some rather scathing messages, apparently from loved ones passed. The messages were not well received.

I don’t know whether anything Dubois related was accurate or not. From the looks of it, the message about an unfulfilled marriage may have been more useful to Camille Grammer at the time, than to Kyle. But that’s not my point here.

I think what this episode makes so clear is that psychic readings aren’t really party tricks. By that I don’t mean that you can’t have psychic readings at parties. I’ve been hired to read at many parties, and have often read for friends and families at parties I attend.

What I mean is that doing readings in front a group of people always brings the risk that something you don’t want publically revealed is suddenly the topic of the gathering.

If you have a reader at a party, consider giving them a place of their own away from the main crowd. If people want to bring their friends to sit with them they can, but the reading doesn’t have to be shared with the entire group. In fact, it’s usually better if it’s not.

And if a guest at a party you’re at turns out to be a reader, go ahead and ask about their work. But it’s probably best not to ask for a reading from them in front of everyone. You really don’t know what might come up, and as evidenced by the Real Housewives, it might be more than you intended.

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