I'm the Queen of Wands!!

February 23rd, 2014 § 0 comments § permalink

When Andrew McGregor of The Hermit’s Lamp first released his limited edition Tarot Waiting To Happen deck, he offered people a chance to get themselves drawn as one of the cards.

I asked if I could be drawn with my darling cat Carl JK as the Queen of Wands. Here’s the result! I love it!!

Queen of Wands Sp.Ed. - Tarot Waiting To Happen by Andrew McGregor

And I really like the deck too. It’s based on the Marseille Tarot, but instead of replicating the traditional images, McGregor imagined what might have happened just before the picture we usually see.

For instance, why is the Hanged Man hanging, and what was Justice doing before heading to court?

You can see all the cards at The Hermit’s Lamp website. I think there might even be a few copies of the deck still available if you’re interested in getting one for yourself.

And just a reminder, if you’re in the Toronto area and think you might want to visit The Hermit’s Lamp in person, please note, they’ve moved to a fabulous new home at 425 Vaughn Road.

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Tarot Waiting To Happen – a deck by Andrew McGregor

September 10th, 2013 § 2 comments § permalink

Tarot Waiting to Happen is a brand new, very limited edition Majors-only deck by Andrew McGregor of The Hermit’s Lamp, and it’s fantastic!!

Though it follows a traditional Tarot storyline, it does so by looking at the moments just before the situations we usually see portrayed in the cards. Times like Justice reading up on a decision before trial, or the Emperor as he’s putting on his clothes.

We even see what might have got the Hanged Man swinging.

The idea is fabulous, and I love the black and white line drawings. The only thing I could wish for is that McGregor follows this deck up with a 78-card version.

To see images of all the cards, and to order a copy of your own, visit The Hermit’s Lamp website.

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