The Almadel Project: Creating a True Magical Relic

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If you’re interested in helping to produce a magical Almadel, and maybe get one for yourself, this is the project for you.

The Almadel Project: Creating a True Magical Relic is a Kickstarter project created by Jason Augustus Newcomb.

In case you didn’t know (I didn’t), an Almadel is a wax tablet engraved with magical names and characters that rests on four candles and holds a crystal ball.

Used with mastic incense, it’s meant to invoke a specific group of angels, as described in the Lesser Key of Solomon: Book 4: Ars Almadel.

It’s all very detailed magical stuff that you can read about on Newcomb’s page.

He’s taking it very seriously and is trying to make the tool as authentic as possible, or at least within the spirit of the original grimoire.

He’s also writing a short book describing the history of the Almadel, how it can be used for communicating with angels, and some general tips on the best way to engage in such communication.

Take a look at Newcomb’s video and see what you think. He’s already raised the money he was looking for and is definitely going ahead with the project.

But you might want to donate anyway. There’s only four days left in the campaign, and where else can you get a personalized angel communicator with instructions on how to use it?

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