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6 of Disks - Thoth Tarot

In the Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris, the 6 of Disks is called ‘Success’.

Though this card often represents positive achievement in financial dealings, the concept behind ‘success’ is a lot bigger than just making some money. It’s about actively realizing goals of all sorts, especially those achieved through solid work and commitment.

For an interesting perspective on what ‘success’ really means, take a look at this short video from The School of Life

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Cat and Cards

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Here’s another shot of my cat Carl JK with my favorite Thoth Tarot …

Carl JK and the Thoth Tarot

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My Thoth Tarot

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In case you didn’t already know that I’m obsessed … here’s a picture I drew of one of my favourite things.

georgie's thoth tarot

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Meditating on the 2 of Wands

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Thoth 2 of Wands

Look at this fabulous meditation pillow my friend got for Christmas …

It’s absolutely perfect for some mindful focus on the Thoth Tarot’s 2 of Wands card, otherwise known as Dominion.

Two Tibetan dorjes, like two thunderbolts, are crossed in a sign of power over ignorance. As Crowley himself describes it, this is “fire in its best and highest form.”

meditation pillow/2 of wands

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You Don't Have To Be An Angel …

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Over at the Big Think website, there’s a video of conductor John Eliot Gardiner, author of the new book Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven, talking about Johann Sebastian Bach.

In his description of the famed composer, Gardiner reminds us that one need not be an angel to channel the divine.

As I was listening, it made me think of one of my own favourite rebels – Aleister Crowley.

Aleister Crowley

Though I don’t believe he was as wicked as he liked his reputation to be, there were definitely elements of his personality that would have been very difficult to deal with.

Thoth Devil

Despite that, the Thoth Tarot he created with artist Lady Frieda Harris is still my very favourite Tarot deck ever. It’s simply brilliant.

I think Crowley did somehow manage to channel something divine, though like Bach, there’s no doubt he himself was a bit of a devil.

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Just Laying Around With Some Cards

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For your Saturday viewing pleasure … I offer you Carl JK laying around with a couple of my more well-worn Tarot decks – the Golden Rider and my beloved Thoth.

Carl JK napping with the Tarot

Have a great weekend!!

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Tarot Chic

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I just love it when Tarot inspires fashion! Take a look at the video below of the Luck Winter 2013 Fashion Space by Marcio Madeira.

The whole collection is beautiful and worth seeing, but the Tarot designs start appearing at about the 4:00 minute mark, with more further in at about 6:00 minutes and beyond.

I’d just love to have some of these dresses. Lady Frieda Harris’ images from the Thoth Tarot have never looked so chic.

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Ace of Fireworks

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Ace of Wands from the Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris

The Ace of Wands can represent the seed of a flaming new energy, a reinvigorated spirit, or even the spiral dance of the soul.

One of my favourite versions of this card is from Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, painted by Lady Frieda Harris.

I love how the one torch contains all ten flames of the suit. It makes it clear that the whole is contained in the seed.

The fireworks display below reminded me of the Thoth Ace of Wands. Take a look …

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Some Tarot Correspondence

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My dear Tarot Buddy, Bill Tarot, sent me the link to this website – Know Your Tarot.

Not only is it a great Tarot resource with comprehensive descriptions of all 78 cards, symbol definitions, Tarot spreads, history, books, even jokes … it also has a page of free downloadable Tarot goodies.

There are links to free printable decks as well as Tarot e-books, cheat sheets, and pamphlets.

But the reason Bill Tarot led me there was specifically for the free download of The Correspondence Between Frieda Harris and Aleister Crowley.

What a pleasure it was to read! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Thoth Tarot, Aleister Crowley, or Tarot history in general.

Even for people making decks of their own, it might be fun.

Hearing Lady Frieda describe her own process could prove inspirational, or at least remind us that nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Thank you Bill Tarot for leading me to this gem!

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Psychological Implications of Symbols: The Wisdom of the Tarot

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The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien

The Tarot Handbook

The first book I ever read about Tarot was the original version of The Tarot Handbook, by Angeles Arrien. At the time, I had just got a copy of the Thoth deck, also my first, and was rummaging around in a discount book store.

Arrien’s book was there, with images of my new cards pictured on the cover, on sale for only $10. Of course I bought it on the spot, and started figuring out Tarot Soul and Growth cards right away.

Her system helped me a lot. And at the time, it was one of the few books available on the Thoth deck. The one I got next was Crowley’s own Book of Thoth, which could have been a little intense had it been my first.

The reason I bring this up is that Angeles Arrien will be teaching a weekend seminar on symbolism and the Tarot, July 16 and 17, at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. I can’t be there, but I wish I could.

The seminar is called, Psychological Implications of Symbols: The Wisdom of the Tarot. Arrien will be looking at Tarot symbolism and how it can serve as a map of consciousness.

She’ll be exploring the meaning and significance of how symbols in the Tarot function as internal and external mirrors for our own various levels of consciousness.

Arrien is a cultural anthropologist, with expertise in psychology and comparative religions, and of course Tarot. She really knows her stuff. It’s going to be a mind opening weekend.

People at all levels of Tarot experience are encouraged to participate. And Tarot reader or not, it’ll be of especial interest to those in the counseling, coaching, teaching, management, and service professions.

It’s going to be good. Go if you can.

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