The Hierophant, the Hermit, and Why We Need Philosophy

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Put simply, philosophy is the study, or examination of fundamental concepts like truth, existence, and freedom – what are they, how do they play out in our lives, what ideas seems to make the most sense?

#5 The Hierophant - RWS

Though all the cards in the Tarot deck focus on one or another philosophical question, I’d say that there are two particularly philosophical-type characters in the deck – the Hierophant and the Hermit.

The Hierophant is especially interested in questions of faith, religion, family, and God. He seeks connection with the grander universe and likes others to share his perspective through the use of ritual, education, and moral law.


The Hermit is also interested in those questions (among others), but his focus is more on how they play out in an individual life, or soul. His search is more internal than external, and his quest is personal. He’s less interested in finding a truth for everyone as he is in discovering the truth in and for himself.

Though there’s no mention of either the Hierophant or the Hermit in the video below by Olly of The Philosophy Tube, Olly makes a good case for ‘Why We Need Philosophy.’

Take a look …

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