Dare To Wish Upon A Star

January 20th, 2011 § 0 comments

I’ve been giving ‘wishing’ some thought lately and it seems to me that wishes aren’t taken as seriously as they should be. So often, they’re dismissed as nothing more than delusional fantasies. And sometimes that’s just what they are.

#1 The Magician from Georgie's Tarot

#1 The Magician

But more often than not, wishes are really the seeds of intention. And intentions are the first step to the manifestation of anything. Looking at it this way, wishes are really how we create our world.

In the Tarot, directed intention is the Magician willing something new out of the ether, creating the world afresh. He’s the master of the Aces, pointing to the potential in every area of our lives. What he wishes becomes his will. What he wills becomes his world.

#17 The Star from Georgie's Tarot

#17 The Star

But wishing also seems to fall under the domain of the Star. She’s hope and optimism after a time of crisis. She helps us to refill, renew and dream of a beautiful future.

The Star encourages us to imagine beyond the world we already inhabit. With her on side, all things are possible. You just need faith, love and an openness to receive. Tell her your wishes, she wants to make them real.

“To Wish Upon a Star” – I’ve always liked that phrase. And it makes a lot of sense now.

To ‘wish’ is to be the Magician daring to look at the future, projecting into the universe our hopes, fears and intentions. And the ‘star’ is of course the Star. The one receiving the Magician’s prayers. She is the environment in which our dreams come true.

Miracles are made when the Magician and the Star come together. Dare to make one happen yourself.

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