Enrique Enriquez: Tarology … a documentary in progress

March 26th, 2011 § 0 comments

Here’s your chance to invest in some tarot history …

Enrique Enriquez: Tarology, Exploring the poetics of the Marseilles Tarot is a documentary in progress by Chris Deleo.

The film focuses on poet and tarot reader, Enrique Enriquez. International speaker, teacher and author, Enrique is passionate about the cards.

He sees their magic everywhere, but isn’t so interested in divination or even intuition. He likes them simply for the pictures they are and the stories they tell.

In addition to the work being documented with Enrique, the film will also explore other reading styles. The filmmakers will be traveling around to interview noted experts and authors throughout the tarot community.

It’s the first documentary of its kind, and the first full-length film about tarot attempting to get a theatrical release.

And it’s looking for investors. Why not be part of tarot history and donate today!

You don’t have to do it just because you’re nice and love tarot and Enrique. You can get a little something for yourself in the bargain.

•$10 donation will give you a ‘special thanks to…’ in the film credits
•$25 donation gives you a ‘special thanks…’ and a special Marseilles tarot card autographed by Enrique Enriquez and the filmmakers
•$50 donation will give you all of the above and an autographed copy of the finished DVD
•$100 donation gets you all of the above and a tarot card reading via email from Enrique Enriquez
•$250 donation will give you all of the above and a very special ‘Producer’ credit in the film
•$500 donation will make you a super star in everyone’s eyes, and you get all of the above, and if you live in New York or can travel there, Enrique Enriquez himself will instruct you in a one on one lesson using the Marseille Tarot.

Doesn’t it make you want to give!

Enrique is going to be joining us on Beyond Worlds Saturday, May 7th. We’ll be asking him all about the film.

And in case you missed his visit last July, you can listen here — Beyond Worlds with Enrique Enriquez

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