A Dance Photo Tarot in the Works

April 22nd, 2011 § 0 comments

Take a look at this clip from Moti Mark Zemelman.

He’s a dancer, choreographer, photographer, and lover of the Tarot. He’s making a photo deck using dancers as his models.

At the moment he’s working on the the 22 major arcana, but hopes to eventually create all 78 cards and get them published.

If you’re interested in helping him out, Zemelman’s looking for donations. He’s trying to raise money to pay for dance studio rental, costumes, printing materials, dancers’ fees and framing for a future exhibition of the work.

In exchange for donations, he’s offering a variety of very nice thank you gifts. Check out his donation page to see it all.

Sounds like a fabulous project. I look forward to seeing it done.

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