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This Kickstarter project isn’t about Tarot, but it reminds me of the creation of a deck. Mystical images are being born.

Manjari Sharma is a photographer, born and raised in Mumbai and presently living in New York City. Through her project Darshan, she plans to photographically recreate nine classical images of gods and goddesses pivotal to Hindu mythology.

Though there are countless paintings and sculptures of the deities, Sharma says there’s been no photos, at least none from scratch. And it’s a vacuum she’d like to fill.

She’s painstakingly put together the image of the first goddess, Maa Laxmi, following tradition to its finest detail.

The process involved a large crew – set and prop builders, makeup artists, art directors, painters, carpenters, jewelry experts, assistants, and of course, a model.

It’s important to Sharma to show that photographs can evoke as strong a spiritual response as the more traditional paintings and sculpture. And for that she believes authenticity and detail is essential.

Each piece will be 6 feet tall, and part of a gallery installation meant to evoke the experience of a Hindu temple. They’re going to be beautiful. And you can help make them happen.

Watch Sharma’s video, and if you’re interested, go on over to her Kickstarter page. She’s accepting donations and offering rewards!

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