Divining the Perfect Fragrance

August 12th, 2011 § 0 comments

I know it’s just an ad for perfume, but like the Camden Players’ amazing Mr. Eks fortune-telling event planner, I like it. Obviously, I’m highly susceptible to marketing schemes involving cards that flip with a click.

In this case, the cards are meant to divine your perfect Donna Karan fragrance. The querent is offered seven sets of five card images to choose from. With each set they’re asked questions like ‘what’s my personal style’ or ‘my fantasy holiday’.

The fragrances it chose for me were right on. I know it’s no more mystical than your standard written personality test, but picking picture cards is just way more fun.

If you’re as much a card junkie as I am, go ahead and divine your own perfect scent per Ms Karan and her perfume oracle. The Tarot Empress would approve.

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